How about a 179x marketing ROI during low season?


iKamper is a global rooftop tent manufacturer based in South Korea, with a U.S. presence based out of the Seattle area. They sell a variety of rooftop tents and accessories with an AOV of $3,200.


They first contacted us in July 2020, a time when people were especially interested in camping due to pandemic lockdown restrictions.

This is what we found:

  1. They relied entirely on engagement for their segmentation strategy and the cadence of their campaigns was not ideal and they were not using other crucial data like buying behavior, preferences, location, etc.
  2. They had a very basic flow set up and the copy and graphics looked templated. 
  3. Their retention strategy was lacking. Their product was seasonal and they  didn’t have any plan in place for the low-volume months. 


iKampers old email

The Setup

We suggested more advanced flows that would target their list subscribers at specific moments of their customer life-cycle.

For example, we suggested upgrading their Abandoned Cart Flow by creating two branched paths: one for the lower-value carts and another for high-value carts. We’d then offer different incentives to these two kinds of customers based on what they left behind. 

The Strategy

First, we conducted a list cleaning to get rid of what we call “bad emails” which may have been affecting their overall email performance.

We also implemented segmentation based on predictive analytics and buying behaviors for the first month, and when winter hit, we introduced segmentation based on location. 

We delivered emails to people located in the warmer regions where camping was ideal at that time of the year with content that encouraged them to enjoy the weather and go for an adventure whereas we sent emails to people living in the northern, colder regions letting them know they could still camp with the low temperatures showcasing a winter vibe with tents covered in snow. 

The Results

We were able to increase iKamper’s revenue during both their low season and also stayed top of mind such that the high season started earlier and lasted longer.

Before Working
With Us

$ 177,698

Revenue From Klaviyo (17%)

$ 129,700

Flow Revenue (13%)

$ 47,900

Campaign Revenue (4%)

Results after
with us

$ 1,427,500

Revenue from Klaviyo (57.1%)

$ 847,000

Flow Revenue (33.9%)

$ 580,500

Flow Revenue (23.2%)

iKamper Sample 1
iKamper Sample 2
iKamper Sample 2

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