30% email revenue in less than a year, 49x ROI from SMS in the first month:


Schoolyard Snacks (formerly The Cereal School) is a low carb, Ketogenic diet friendly cereal brand in the health and fitness food space. Their customers frequently return to resupply on product regularly. After graduating from Georgetown University, founders Helen & Dylan turned their cravings for sugary childhood cereals into an obsession; they wanted to make them healthy & guilt-free.

After what seemed like a million cereal recipe iterations, one day they finally got it right! The brand saw exponential growth, it was a hit!


While Schoolyard Snacks already had a large mailing list and some flow automations in place, there was almost no revenue being generated from campaigns and a lot of missed revenue from the poor quality of their automated flows.

The clients deployed campaigns had very high open rates as a result of over-segmenting their list, which signalled potential lost revenue. In addition to this, the campaigns were irregular and infrequent.

Finally, Schoolyard Snacks was missing many key email flows and specialty flows that were particularly relevant to their business model. The few flows already in place were underperforming due to improper set-up and low quality.


Cereal School Original Welcome Email
Cereal School Newsletter
Cereal School Newsletter Email 2

Email Design

We always start with a beautiful e-mail template containing a pleasing header that combines the best of visual design, intriguing copywriting, and a clear call to action.

You can see concise and impactful text, written by our expert copywriters, that stays relevant to the consumers’ lives while staying true to Schoolyard Snacks voice.

For the following sections, we incorporated product links in a much more engaging way by designing custom graphics instead of going for the traditional picture-with-a-button approach.

To cap things off, we continue to deploy custom copywriting, rather than a template farewell from the founders.

The Solution: Campaigns

ROI Test

We started by launching an ROI test campaign to test the profitability of the entire email list by including an offer.

This informed our segmentation for future campaigns, ensuring that we included the maximum amount of list members possible without dropping our engagement too much.

Newsletter Battle
Royale #1 - Halloween Promo



The final stage of our approach was to completely overhaul the existing flows Schoolyard Snacks has in place. In addition to greatly improving these core flows, we introduced new specialty flows, such as the Expected to Purchase flow, which targets customers at the moment they are likely to rebuy. These revised and new flows greatly outperformed the client’s previous attempts.

Abandoned Cart Shopify


Expected Purchase


Browse Abandonment


Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Leading into Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we planned out a comprehensive promotional schedule to capitalize on the sales opportunity with great results.

Newsletter #11
- Sale Extension


Newsletter #10
- Resend to Unopens


Newsletter #10
- Sitewide Sale


Newsletter #9
- Sitewide Sale


Before Working
With Us

$ 10,738

Revenue From Klaviyo (3%)

$ 9,315

Flow Revenue

$ 1,422

Campaign Revenue (0%)

Results after
with us

$ 177,467

Revenue from Klaviyo (21%)

$ 22,585

Flow Revenue (3%)

$ 154,882

Campaign Revenue (19%)

Cereal School Newsletter Email 4
Cereal School Newsletter 5

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