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Tequila Sunrise is a team of daring, creative and data-driven retention marketers, obsessed with helping you stand the f*ck out, create irresistible offers and turn one-time buyers into raving fans. Our clients see an average email revenue growth of 963.76%

Past Happy Clients

Turn one-time customers into life-long fans.

Trust the Science

We bring the heat with our data-driven approach that's been tested, tried and TRUE! Watch as increased sales and reduced ad costs light up your bottom line!

500+ Brands

Join the ranks of the elite, with over 500 brands who've put their trust in us to deliver results that make their customers stick around like glue!

9.6x ROES

Get ready to see some serious return on your email spend with our killer strategies that deliver an average 9.6x the ROI! Watch your profits soar!

Life Time Value

Say goodbye to churn and hello to long-term success with strategies to boost your Customer Lifetime Value. Recurring revenue is key to winning in DTC.

"Started from zero not having an email setup at all, to Tequila Sunrise taking over and making 25% of our overall revenue come from email."

- Helen Guo & Dylan Kaplan @ Cereal School

Cereal School Case-Study

The Cereal School

Grew campaign revenue by 150X in less than 60 days.

The Cereal School came to us with a common problem: a large mailing list, some automations in place but minimal revenue being generated. They had poorly designed and executed flows, an over-segmented list and irregular (read: no strategy) campaigns that weren’t optimized to convert prospects and keep customers coming back for more.

Sound familiar? The Tequila Sunrise team came in and completely revamped their offering, design, copywriting and automations. We formulated a strategy, product launch and campaign that quickly generated $30,000. Based on those results, we took it a step further with a blockbuster Black Friday offering.

Campaign Revenue Before Partnering with Tequila Sunrise.


Campaign Revenue After Partnering with Tequila Sunrise.


Designs to captivate and convert your growing audience.

Ready to build a conversion & LTV system, to make the most out of every budding customer relationship?

Our clients see an average 9.6x ROES

Our data-driven approach has delivered a 9.6x return on email spend for the majority of our clients, just after the first month that new flows and emails were launched. Clients that stay on for a year of retainer see an average ROES of 18%+, but we don’t shy away from discussing the brands that didn’t perform as well. This is why they’re also included in this average.

We are part of an elite cohort of agencies recognized as
Klaviyo Master Platnium Partners.

Our strategists, designers and copy-writers are top-level players that remain consistent across your project's life-cycle, in essence, becoming a secret extension of your in-house team.

Let's maximize your sales & LTV

Unleash the full potential of your DTC business with Tequila Sunrise – the elite Klaviyo Master Partner in retention marketing. Our team of experts will help you revolutionize the way you engage with your customers, driving more revenue through our end-to-end Email and SMS marketing managed services. Don’t settle for mediocre retention strategies – book your free discovery call with us today and let us create a custom plan that will take your business to new heights.

Capture Attention & Boost Sales

Sorry, TikTok. Email isn’t only not dead — it's a freakin’ goldmine for sales, profit and increased customer lifetime value. Our campaigns have helped over 500+ DTC brands generate $37,693,527 in the first 30 days of working with us, and have boosted their revenue from email up to 40% of their monthly revenue. All with an average ROES of 9.6!
Can your Tiktok ads do that? 

Extract Maximum Lifetime Value

We increase customer life-time value with strategic continuity and growth campaigns that leave them feeling unique and valued instead of another wallet to be mined. Helping your business get off the 'New Customer' hamster wheel, tapping into the goldmine of people who already know, like and trust you — with irresistible offers, cross-sells and up-sells.

Convert Like a Tequila Sunrise In Mexico

Every uptick in CRO means more dollars in your pocket. Our team focuses on skyrocketing conversions across your campaigns, including opens, click through rates, and of course —swiped credit cards that lead to that oh-so-sweet sound of deposits into your business checking. Ahhhhhhhh.

Let our clients do the talking.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

What types of brands can benefit?

Tequila Sunrise serves ambitious DTC brands who are tired of lackluster performance across their marketing. You’re in the right place if you’re looking to maximize every dollar of ad spend, decrease costly churn and find bucketloads of profit inside your business from both new leads and serving the people who’ve already raised their hand.

Can’t I do this myself?

You could, but you’re likely not doing your own root canals. And let’s face it: you wouldn’t have made it this far. One of the most common regrets from our clients (and there ain’t many) is they wish they started sooner. Our goal? Make your job easier.

How fast can we get up and running?

We like your style. While we love speed, we’ve reverse engineered a process that demands a cohesive strategy before launching.  Our on-boarding process usually takes 1-2 weeks, and we have most campaigns up by 5-8 weeks. Don’t worry, it’ll be worth it once you hear that sweet ping of deposits into your Business Checking. Ping!

What kind of results can I expect?

Take a look at our endless metrics across various niches. During on-boarding, we’ll dive under the hood of your business, define success, and set performance metrics that our team will use as targets to hit obliterate. 

Our clients tend to see a 9.6x average ROES after 1 month, and 18x over 1 year of working with us, with email contributing up to 40%+ of their revenue.

Will your work be on-brand?

Being on-brand isn’t just important to us: it's a  necessity. We've optimized our on-boarding process to make sure we're creating content as if we sat next to your other team members in the office.In order for our process to work as efficiently as possible (so that we can make you more money, faster) we need to take on the full creative development. This way, your team members can focus on other important projects for your business.

Will I be able to reach you throughout the project?

Absolutely, it’s encouraged. All of our clients go on a shared Slack channel with our account manager, who will be your easy to reach point of contact throughout our work together.

Have you worked with stores in my industry?

We’ve worked with nearly every niche and industry you can think of. From retail, health/supplements, retail, outdoors, fitness, luxury, subscription, CBD to even adult toys. With over 500 brands serviced, it's very likely we've worked in the Niche you're thinking.

What’s with the cocktails?

We believe people take themselves way too seriously. If you’re doing it right in business, you should be having a blast
And what could be more of a blast, than helping our clients feel less anxious about their business? We're here to help bring that vision of you hanging back on a sun-soaked hammock and sipping on your favourite drink a reality; while your business grows strong and steady.

Money back guarantee aka Drinks on the house.

If you're not fully satisfied with the direction of our partnership, you have a window where (if you so choose) you can cancel and get a full refund. P.S. Almost no one has.

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